A Renaissance has begun.

At its height, 

Studebaker employed 22,000 workers and operated a 140 acre campus with dozens of buildings. South Bend also prospered, growing to 132,445 residents by the mid 20th century.

After Studebaker closed, manufacturing jobs dried up and thousands of families packed up and left, causing South Bend’s population to plummet 30%. Over 50 years later, South Bend is still searching for a new identity.

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They say seeing is believing. For half a century, Studebaker was one of the largest, most innovative automobile makers in the world. As Studebaker and South Bend grew together, they shared optimism and a belief in the future. In 1963 Studebaker closed its doors, leaving behind its massive manufacturing complex, a monolithic shadow of the past. But Studebaker left behind more than empty buildings. It left behind a spark – a spark that has ignited innovation on the iconic Studebaker grounds once more. The Renaissance District is giving South Bend Permission to Believe again. You will see it.

A Legacy of Innovation

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The Renaissance District

506 W. South Street        

South Bend, IN 46601