Gordon Gill, Partner, AS+GG Architecture on designing the concept for the Renaissance District’s Studebaker Campus.

Adaptive reuse?

You may have heard this word thrown around. It’s just a fancy term for recycling buildings, (and our guiding philosophy in the Renaissance District). This means appreciating and utilizing the resources around us - more than old buildings, a community of people.

Who we are

The project’s main developer is Studebaker Building 84, LLC. The principals of Studebaker Building 84 have experience in local adaptive reuse construction and technology, having redeveloped the Renaissance District’s Union Station into a world-class data center and carrier hotel.

What is “it?”

The Renaissance District is the 80 block area just south of Downtown South Bend. The heart of this area, the Studebaker campus, is being redeveloped into the largest mixed-use technology campus in the Midwest.

About the People and Project

Head architects include world renowned Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill (AS+GG), whose resumé includes Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia – designed as the tallest building in the world, and Masdar Headquarters in the United Arab Emirates – designed as the world’s first mixed-use, positive energy building. Others include local firms Kil Architecture and Jones Petrie Rafinski.

What we offer

Concept of interior courtyard of the Renaissance District’s Studebaker Campus.

See the story unfold.

On April 6, 2016, Gov. Mike Pence signed the Indiana Regional Cities Bill into law. One of two regions selected, the Northern Indiana region received $42M from the State to catalyze growth through a multitude of local projects. As one of the region’s marquee projects submitted to the State, the Renaissance District has helped bolster Permission to Believe across our region.

Additional Strategic Partners

With our state investment [in the Regional Cities Initiative ] , we are leveraging more than $2 billion in public and private investment that will support 96 projects in three regions across the state. These include revitalizing the Fort Wayne riverfront, redeveloping South Bend's Studebaker plant, and residential development in Evansville's city center.

- Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana,   State of the State Address, 2016

The Renaissance District

506 W. South Street        

South Bend, IN 46601